Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sloth Facts #1 Evil Eagle

Sloth Facts (#1)

Here are some Sloth fun facts!


Evil eagles in the sky!
That evil eagle’s not evil it just wants sloth pie! X2

If they got to go to the bathroom
It takes 8 days!
Two-toed likes 
To munch leaves at night
Three-toed bites
Leaves in the sunlight!
Two-toed runs
They got to keep it in check
Three’s got
Extra freaky bones in its neck!
They can turn their head
Like Linda Blair in AFI’s Scariest movie of all time over there!

When they do the munchen’
The leaves ferment x3
Twenty-six days to digest them
That’s practically lent!

 Sloths are really smelly
Cause they never bathe
Hundreds of beetles
Hundreds of beetles
Hundreds of millions of beetles all over there!
Protect the sloth moth! Who lives in sloth fur! X3

Eating the algae
Laying eggs in the sloth poop!


Sloths have sex
Like once a year
They got a green back
Cause algae is green
Provides camouflage and protects them from they enemies
Like eagles, Monkeys,
And Momma Fratelli
Two-toed sloth’s have 2 fingers and three toes
While three-toed’s got 3 fingers and three toes and a nice nose
Whatever I’m just trying to teach you kids some facts so shut it


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