Wednesday, January 9, 2013


YAY!  Our New Music Video is being released into the wild!!


ANIMALS by Congress Of The Sloth

In calendars, in magazines
So many species to be seen
Sometimes in baskets or with bows
How many are there? We don’t know!
They run around, they multiply
And like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly
The can be scary, hairy,
Also Dairy they supply!

They live in your house with you!
Sometimes they’re invited, and sometimes they’re not.
 Sometimes we set traps for them!
The can be sneaky, but they can be bought.
 They talk when you’re not around!
Sometimes they chew on all your stuff just for fun.
They live in the ocean, too!
And they outnumber us a thousand to one!


In crevices, in academe
So many secrets we could gleam
Like how they waddle to and fro
We shouldn’t eat them, said Thoreau!
With armored skin and extra eyes
Whatever you can fantasize
New improved all flaws removed
Can’t wait for multi-hooved designs!

(Chorus) then

Animals! They have human hybrids!
The Rhino-Hippo Man is coming for you!
Animals! They know how to capture things!
One day we’ll all wake up in a people zoo!
Animals!  They’re plotting a takeover!
Like, did you know that Dolphins know how to read?
Animals! This is a Call to Arms!
The Rhino Hippo Man’s like Segal on speed.

Rhino Hippo Man, Rhino Hippo Man, Rhino Hippo
Rhino Hippo Man, Rhino Hippo Man, Rhino Hippo
Rhino Hippo Man, Rhino Hippo Man, Rhino Hippo
Rhino Hippo Man, Rhino Hippo Man,
We should eat some meat.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Behind The Sloths: Geekbooth

In celebration of finishing the album, we broke down our Cheap DIY "Vocal Booth"

About halfway I took this photo:

Note the use of the Power Pad and Taunton Sleeping Bag as Sound Proofing.  Total Dork.


We are very excited....We FINALLY finished our album!!!!!!!!